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Monthly Household Budget Worksheet - List your monthly payments/expenses Your monthly budget is an important part of helping you to best manage your money. It also helps us to determine how we can
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Hi everyone my name is Jorge and this is a household budgeting workbook it is made for people of all skill levels when it comes to Excel and you don't need to have any financial background to use it this template with sample data and a blank version of this template will be available to you by following a link in the description below thanks to a lot of great feedback on my first budgeting workbook this new version has some added features and some dynamic features that will hopefully make it very easy to track and manage your personal or household finances over time so let's go ahead and get started this is the summary tab here it's where I like to open up to two quick things to note right away first on this sheet and throughout the workbook you'll see green boxes these green boxes provide some directions or guidance on how to use some of the features that you'll come across there are also cells with green highlighting or green fill these cells require a manual entry of some sort so you want to pay attention to those I'll explain them as we come across them in this video likewise there are four green tabs here at the bottom these tabs also require manual entry of some sort and we'll go over that as well on the summary tab you can start out by putting your name up here at the top on the left we have some basics these are mostly just some dates but importantly there is a place for you to put the date that you started the budget this is important because it will be used to calculate how much time has passed and that is used for income and spending averages over here we have some data on income and spending this information is pulled from the income and budget tabs down here below that we have a place to enter the financial year this is a new addition for this version of the workbook I will probably keep mine set to January to December but if you are outside the US or just want to change your financial year you can change it to any one of these options so for demonstration in this video I'll select July to June for now and you'll see how that's relevant later over here we have some earning categories this information is pulled from the income tab down here if you're new to Excel one of the cool features about it is you can use these arrows in tables to sort or filter the information so in the category column here if we wanted to sort this alphabetically we can click the down arrow and we can click ascending now this is alphabetical in the total column we can click this down arrow and hit descending and now this is descending from the largest value to the smallest by the way you can change this list and I'll show you how to do that on the list tab down here the same goes for this list on the expense categories over here for expense categories we have a table that populates automatically for you again you can sort this alphabetically if you want by clicking ascending you can also make it so it's descending in the total column with the largest values...
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